Patient Monitor Systems for Health Care Facilities in Seattle, WA

Patient Monitor Seattle WAWhen the time comes to upgrade the patient monitor system in your Seattle, Washington, medical facility, be sure to choose one from Infinium Medical. We’ve built a solid name in the medical monitoring industry since 2001, when we first began selling our state-of-the-art patient monitors to medical professionals throughout the region.

As the premier provider of medical monitoring equipment in the Emerald City, we have distributed patient monitors to countless medical professionals in the Greater Metro area. Our name can be found in neighborhood clinics, urban trauma centers, and regional cancer centers. The widespread presence of our medical monitors in diverse areas of the health care industry has occurred because doctors, nurses, and medical technicians from all around put faith in our patient monitor equipment. 

Your medical team can also benefit from Infinium Medical patient monitors. There are many reasons to choose Infinium Medical when you need patient monitors for your Seattle, WA, medical facility:

  • Our medical monitors offer a plethora features, including full-color touchscreens, waveform and tabular displays, OcyCRG dynamic views, multi-lead ECG monitoring, drug dosing calculations, 72-hour trending, blood pressure readouts, and more.
  • We test and retest our patient monitor systems in real-world scenarios to ensure they will reliably perform in virtually any setting.
  • Each medical monitor comes with a long-life battery backup system to ensure that your equipment will continue operating without fail during emergency scenarios, such as a power outage.

What’s more, our medical monitors are ISO certified and CE approved, meaning they are suitable for use in the United States and around the world, and will pass all auditing requirements. Our equipment will easily integrate into virtually any hospital setting, and we will gladly explain how our products will suit your healthcare facility. For more information about our patient monitor systems in the Seattle, WA, area, then contact Infinium Medical today.