Patient Monitor with End Tidal CO2 Capabilities Available from Infinium Medical

Patient Monitor with CO2Should you require a patient monitor with end tidal CO2 measurement capabilities for your health care facility, consult with the experts at Infinium Medical. We have been a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge patient monitors and other medical equipment since 2001 and are proud to supply these invaluable products to medical professionals worldwide.

At Infinium Medical, we recognize the importance of having a reliable vital signs machine to monitor the health of patients under your care. For this reason, we have developed the Cleo, a compact, highly portable monitor that weighs just under three pounds. The Cleo can be used to monitor the vitals of patients on the go, as it features a lithium ion backup battery for use when a power source is not available. In addition to being portable, the Cleo has many features that make it the perfect monitor for a wide range of medical
professionals. For example, the Cleo:

  • Has a 5-inch color touchscreen and user-friendly interface for the easy interpretation of information
  • Can provide consistently reliable readings of vital signs such as temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, and oxygen saturation

Best of all, the Cleo vital signs monitor is compatible with the Infinium CO2, an add-on module that will allow the Cleo to measure the end tidal CO2 in your patients’ respiration. This module:

  • Can be used with intubated and non-intubated patients thanks to a sidestream collection method
  • Prevents contamination by using a sample-line connection system that includes filter cells
  • Is one of the lowest cost-per-patient capnography monitors available today

To learn more about the benefits of investing in the Infinium CO2 to provide the Cleo patient monitor with end tidal CO2 capabilities, contact Infinium Medical today.