Patient Monitoring Simplified with Omni from Infinium Medical

Patient MonitoringAt Infinium Medical, we take patient monitoring very seriously, which is why we are so proud to have developed the Omni II – a unique system that was designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers and their patients across the globe. Whether you need to closely monitor the vital signs of a single patient under your care or track the status of many patients at once, the Omni is an ideal solution.

The Omni II is a state-of-the-art patient monitoring system that features a high definition 12.1-inch touch screen that makes the vital signs monitor extremely easy to use and configure to your exact needs. Rather than navigating a complex menu system, staff can access the system through a user-friendly interface to adjust settings, program specific alarms, and even review as much as 72 hours of patient data. What’s more, this patient monitoring system features robust networking capabilities, allowing users to monitor and manage patient data on a medical records platform from a central location. The Omni II also facilitates the automatic transfer and storage of patient data in the hospital database preventing human recording error.

Of course, the most important feature of this patient monitoring system is its ability to accurately and reliably track vital sign information. The Omni II offers standard measurements of:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Body temperature
  • Respiratory rate
  • ECG with arrhythmia detection
  • Motion tolerant SpO2
  • And more

Additionally, with optional add-ons, this system can monitor end-tidal CO2, anesthetic management, cardiac output, and invasive blood pressure.

To learn more about the many features and benefits of the Omni II, contact Infinium Medical today.