State-of-the-art Patient Monitoring Solutions

Patient MonitoringIf you need to upgrade your patient monitoring capabilities and you’re currently in the process of exploring your options, take the time to learn about the Omni II. This highly advanced piece of medical equipment is designed with user accessibility in mind and comes with a variety of features that make it a compelling investment for healthcare facilities of just about any size and type. Whether you need to replace an old patient monitor in your family practice or you’re looking to invest in networked patient monitoring equipment, we can assist you.

Here are just a few examples of the many benefits to the Omni II:

  • This patient monitoring tool features a 12.1 inch color display that is extremely easy to use, read, and adjust as needed
  • Our monitors rely on intuitive software that is extremely easy to navigate, making it simple for a user to adjust levels, set alarms, and adjust the displays on the screen
  • Our vital signs equipment is configured to monitor non-invasive blood pressure, body temperature, Sp02 levels and more
  • This system can also be field upgraded with capnography modules, cardiac output monitoring, and ECG functionality to meet the patient’s needs

Additionally, this patient monitoring tool offers several connective solutions, allowing you to observe several monitors at once and also manage patient data through your electronic medical records database. You can even review as many as 72 hours of detailed patient data from the Omni II itself, making it easier to monitor the vital signs of your patients.

Above all else, we know that you expect your patient monitoring equipment to be highly reliable, and every product that we offer has been extensively field tested to ensure its accuracy under the heaviest workloads.

To learn more about how the Omni II can upgrade your patient monitoring abilities, contact us today. We’ll be glad to walk you through your options and explain the many advantages of our various medical equipment.