The Omni II – A Patient Monitoring System for Various Healthcare Environments

Patient Monitoring SystemWhen it comes to finding a patient monitoring system that will work best in your healthcare facility, put your trust in Infinium Medical. We are well regarded around the globe for our ability to design and manufacture medical monitors that are easy to use, portable, and highly accurate. Whether you need to replace an old patient monitoring system in your walk-in clinic or are interested in investing in a number of monitors for your hospital, we can accommodate your various needs.

Common to every patient monitoring system that we offer is that they are adaptable to the needs of the user. Take the Omni II, for example. This state-of-the-art patient monitor is equipped to monitor ECG with arrhythmia detection, motion-tolerant SpO2, body temperature, and respiration. However, with the use of a plug-in module, the same patient monitoring system can also track:

  • End-tidal CO2
  • Anesthetic agent measurement
  • Cardiac output
  • Invasive blood pressure

Another advantage to this patient monitoring system is that it allows for the review of 72 hours’ worth of patient data from the easy-to-use touch screen interface. Plus, the Omni II is capable of automatically sending patient data to an electronic medical records platform, reducing the risk for human recording error. And, because of its lightweight design and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this monitor can be easily transported alongside the patient or from examination room to examination room, making it the perfect option for healthcare providers of all types.

To learn more about the Omni II patient monitoring system and our many other vital signs machines, contact us today.