Patient Monitoring Technology from Infinium Medical

The quick pace of advancements in patient monitoring technology can make it difficult for healthcare facilities to keep up with the newest equipment. Many monitors are extremely expensive and most hospitals and clinics don’t have the budget to constantly upgrade their equipment.

Here at Infinium Medical, we believe that all healthcare facilities should have the patient monitoring equipment they need. That’s why we offer our customers monitors that are cost efficient. Additionally, our compact medical monitors utilize the latest in patient care technology and are extremely reliable and user-friendly.

To ensure that the needs of our customers are met, we offer a variety of different patient monitors to suit the requirements of any medical setting, from busy hospitals to remote clinics to ambulances and much more. Our state-of-the-art patient monitoring technology line includes:

  • Medical monitors – Our Omni line of monitors range from stationary bedside monitors to portable stations to read the vital signs of patients in a variety of situations.
  • Pulse oximeters – Accurate pulse and heart rate readings can quickly alert healthcare providers to potentially life-threatening complications to ensure prompt action and care.
  • Anesthesia systems – Real time, accurate readings for anesthesia administering and monitoring.
  • Capnography – Patient monitoring of blood-oxygen levels allows emergency responders and health care providers to foresee some issues before they arise and to be able to identify when the use of a breathing apparatus is necessary.

In order to ensure that our monitors and equipment are as reliable and durable as they need to be, we test and retest each product we offer in real-world applications so that our customers and their patients can rest assured that they are receiving the best equipment available.

For more information about our patient monitoring equipment and to learn about how your facility can benefit from our affordable technology options, contact Infinium Medical today.