A Patient Monitoring System from Infinium Medical Can Make a Difference in Any Healthcare Facility

Patient Monitoring SystemHaving a reliable patient monitoring system can make a world of difference during an emergency situation in which a life is on the line. In situations like these, Infinium Medical knows that every second counts, which is why we offer state-of-the-art patient monitors to medical and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Our patient monitoring systems are dependable, and provide real-time data that’s accurate and easy to read, so medical teams are able to obtain information faster and provide the proper treatments sooner.

Here at Infinium Medical, we offer several different types of patient monitors to fit each facility’s needs. Some of our various models include:

  • Omni
  • Omni II
  • Omni III
  • Omni K
  • Omni Express

Each patient monitoring system comes equipped with a high-resolution, color touchscreen display that incorporates a simple, user-friendly interface. These easy-to-use displays mean that information can be collected easily, saving valuable time during an emergency. Our monitors are also preprogrammed to provide ECG, SpO2, and temperature readings in addition to blood pressure information through non-invasive means. More advanced settings are also available, such as cardiac output and EtCO2 functions, allowing the monitors to adapt and perform more advanced readings as a patient’s condition changes. 

What’s more, our patient monitors have multiple language settings to choose from and are compatible with virtually any hospital network, so they are ideally suited for most healthcare facilities around the world. To learn more about how a patient monitoring system from Infinium Medical can impact your healthcare facility, contact us today.