Patient Monitors from Infinium Medical – Providing the Accuracy and Reliability You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Since 2001, Infinium Medical has been providing highly accurate, reliable patient monitors to hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the United States and around the world. We have built a solid name on providing versatile, intuitive medical monitors and offering them at a price that is affordable for healthcare facilities on virtually any budget. We can offer these outstanding monitors at a cost-effective price because we both design and manufacture these patient monitors in-house, cutting the middleman out of the equation.

Our patient monitors are trusted by doctors and nurses around the world because they are designed with superior functionality, are easy to use, and can be utilized in an array of settings, including ERs, ICUs, ORs, and in field triages. What’s more, our patient monitoring equipment offers capnography, advanced arrhythmia detection, and SpO2 tracking, among other features. So, you can rest assured that our medical monitors will help you track the necessary vitals so that you will always have your fingers on the pulse of your patients’ conditions.

Some of the models we manufacture are:

Patient Monitor - Omni

Patient Monitors - Omni II

Patient Monitor - Omni III

Patient Monitor - Omni Express

Patient Monitor - Omni K

You can rest assured that your Infinium Medical patient monitor will provide the up-to-the-moment information you need, when you need it. Our patient monitors are equipped with extended-life lithium ion batteries to help ensure accurate results even when you are using your patient monitoring devices in the back of an ambulance or on medevac aircraft. Plus, all of our monitors are CE certified and ISO approved, meaning they meet all the regulatory requirements that pertain to hospitals and other health care facilities around the world. And our monitors are programmable in several languages, so they are suitable for use in many nations.

For more information about our patient monitors, contact Infinium Medical today. A specialist will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our products, including remote patient monitoring equipment, roll stands, and more.