Omni III Patient Monitors from Infinium Medical 

Patient Monitors

For dependable and accurate patient monitors, chose the Omni III medical monitoring system from Infinium Medical. Trusted for precision, our Omni III medical monitor offers the most advanced patient monitoring technology in a versatile design that is suitable for all types of settings. Since 2001, we have built a solid name in the healthcare industry by providing outstanding patient monitors that are highly intuitive and provide the accurate patient data that doctors need when lives hang in the balance.

The Omni III patient monitor offers a wide range of features, including:

Additionally, our Omni III patient monitors are also easily upgradeable, as they can be equipped with the CO2 module, a field plug-in component that allows you to measure end-tidal CO2 either by itself or with automatic identification of anesthetic agents. Plus, our Omni III monitors can be connected with our Omniview™ central monitoring station, which can provide a complete disclosure of tabular and graphical trending data for up to 32 Omni medical monitors.

Our medical monitoring equipment is CE certified and ISO approved, and can be programmed in up to eight different languages, meaning they are suitable for use in nations all over the world.

For more information about our Omni III patient monitors and for a free consultation on the products that would best suit your unique healthcare provider needs, contact Infinium Medical today.

Click Here to download the OMNI III product brochure. This brochure is an Adobe PDF document.