Infinium Medical’s Portable Capnograph Technology Increases the Standard of Patient Care Worldwide

Infinium Medical’s portable capnograph technology, called the Infinium CO2, is the perfect product for healthcare professionals looking for a lightweight and portable machine to measure end tidal carbon dioxide in both intubated and non-intubated patients. Capnography monitors are used in a variety of different ways in the healthcare field, from monitoring a patient’s EtCO2 while they are under anesthesia to providing Portable Capnograph diagnostic assistance for a wide variety of conditions. Our customers can trust that we have put a great deal of thought and care into the design of our portable capnograph in order to provide them with one of the highest quality products on the market.

The portable capnograph that we manufacture at Infinium Medical has a number of convenient features to help healthcare professionals provide the best care for their patients. For example, the Infinium CO2:

  • Provides the most accurate readings possible by using a sidestream design to transport exhaled breath at 50 ml per minute
  • Helps prevent cross contamination through an advanced sample line connection system that uses filter cells
  • Provides an exceptional value as one of the lowest cost-per-patient portable capnograph devices

What’s more, our portable capnograph is also compatible with our other patient monitoring devices. Simply attach the Infinium CO2 to another one of our vital sign monitors, such as the Cleo, to oversee your patent’s EtCO2. The compatibility of our portable capnograph streamlines the patient care process and allows for the convenient, immediate analysis of results. And, our equipment boasts a user-friendly interface and large, clear fonts which make it virtually effortless to adjust settings as needed, reducing the risk of mistakes that could compromise patient care.

Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more about the portable capnograph modules we supply for healthcare facilities across the globe. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as inform you about the other state-of-the-art medical equipment we manufacture.