Portable Vital Sign Display Options Offered from Infinium Medical

Portable Vital Sign DisplayAt Infinium Medical, we know the value of portable vital sign display, which is why our patient monitors are designed to be easily transported from patient to patient. Whether you need a patient monitor for mobile spot check or a vital signs display to be moved alongside the patient as they’re transferred from the operating room to recovery, we have a solution.

In order to be most effective, we believe that a portable vital sign display should be easy to read, convenient to navigate, and highly configurable. At Infinium Medical, every one of our patient monitoring devices features a robust, user-friendly touch screen that provides users with the information they need to best serve their patients. Specifically, we offer two styles of patient monitoring systems:

  • The Cleo – This state-of-the-art tool weighs less than three pounds and features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for maximum portability. The Cleo is designed to provide a variety of patient vital sign data on its LCD touch screen display and can be configured to monitor NIBP, EtCO2, rapid oral temperature, and more.
  • The Omni – This patient monitoring system is also extremely lightweight and features a portable vital sign display that can be configured to easily monitor a variety of patient vitals from the large, user-friendly touch screen. Additionally, the Omni allows for the review of as much as 72 hours of patient data and can be configured to transfer electronic medical records to your hospital information system.

The point is that when it comes to portable vital sign display and cutting-edge patient monitoring systems, Infinium Medical stands above the rest. Every product that we offer is extensively field tested and designed to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy, making it a perfect option for healthcare facilities of nearly any size and type.

To learn more about our extensive product line, contact us today.