Learn About the Features of Infinium Medical’s EKG Monitor

EKG Monitor The QRS-12 is a well-designed EKG monitor made by the experts at Infinium Medical. This monitor was designed with the user in mind, meaning it is equipped with a number of features that will benefit both your staff and your patients. For example, this monitor boasts multiple acquisition modes, multiple print modes, a lithium ion backup battery, and three-second waveform stabilization capabilities, among numerous other features.

Another impressive feature of our EKG monitor is its connectivity. The QRS-12 is able to detect up to 133 different types of arrhythmia and is also capable of pacemaker detection because its interpretive software can access information from:

  • The American Heart Association database
  • The Common Standards for Quantitative Electrocardiography database

Our EKG monitor can also benefit your medical facility because it is highly connective. Using the QRS-12, you will be able to easily access, transfer, store, and print patient information when you need it, reducing the possibility of losing critical patient data caused by human error.

The QRS-12 is also user-intuitive, as it has a 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen and an alphanumeric keypad, making it easy to view and interpret information, as well as adjust the monitor’s settings as needed. You can even choose to equip this monitor with a magnetic card reader or a barcode scanner to help your medical facility function more efficiently.

Contact Infinium Medical today if you are interested in purchasing the QRS-12 EKG monitor for your medical facility.