Remote Patient Monitor Systems from Infinium Medical Offer Countless Benefits

Remote Patient MonitorRemote patient monitor systems from Infinium Medical have proven to be beneficial to many patients and the healthcare workers who treat them. With our remote monitors, medical professionals across the United States are able to access vital health data for patients who require constant monitoring, but don’t need hospitalization and can therefore receive care from home. This way, patients are able to save money by avoiding expensive hospital bills and enjoy quality care from the comfort of their own homes. As a result, medical facilities can maintain more open beds, so they can assist other patients whose conditions may be more urgent and require them to receive on-site care.

Our remote patient monitor systems are useful in many other situations as well. Some of the places that our systems have been used to save lives include:

  • Medical facilities – Our monitors are able to connect to many different wireless information systems, making it possible to transmit data from various internal locations such as the nurses’ station, ER, OR, or ICU.
  • In transit – Whether in an ambulance or a medevac helicopter, our equipment can help professionals monitor patients and can even be customized to perform more advanced functions, so a single monitor can be used for a patient from the time they are picked up and continue throughout their treatment in a hospital.
  • Isolated locations – Each monitor has been tested in real-world scenarios, so it’s sure to provide quick, accurate results that can make a difference when a life is on the line. What’s more, our remote monitors feature a one-touch information recall, so data can be accessed anywhere at any time.

To learn more about our remote patient monitor equipment, and the many advantages it can offer to healthcare professionals nationwide, contact Infinium Medical.