Remote Patient Monitors Allow Patients to Receive Medical Attention at Home

Remote Patient MonitorsWith remote patient monitors from Infinium Medical, more patients are able to receive proper medical observation from the comfort of their own homes. Our remote monitors allow patients to perform basic tests on a daily basis and report these readings to their health care provider. In fact, some monitors may even allow patients to send reports directly to their medical facility with the touch of a button. This not only spares patients the inflated expense of a hospital stay, but can also decrease recovery time, according to some studies, so patients can get better sooner.

Our remote monitors incorporate many simple features that make them the perfect option for any home-care patient, including:

  • High-resolution, color touchscreens
  • Large displays that are easy to read
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Multiple language settings
  • And more

Remote monitoring systems are not only the perfect solution for patients who require home care, but they are also beneficial to use within medical facilities, since our equipment will allow for data transmission to and from different locations. So, whether information needs to be transferred from a patient’s bedside to the nurses’ station, or from the nurses’ station to the OR, a remote patient monitor from Infinium Medical will allow staff to do so quickly and easily.

For more information on our remote patient monitors, contact Infinium Medical today. We proudly serve healthcare and medical facilities throughout the United States.