Remote Patient Monitoring Tools from Infinium Medical

Not every medical need is an emergency, and some of your patients may require continual observation instead of immediate attention to determine and treat their health problems. Remote patient monitoring can help you keep an eye on those patients without having to remain bedside at all times.  At Infinium Medical, we offer a wide array of patient monitoring equipment and accessories that can be easily integrated into your facility to create a network of reliable monitors for remote care.

Our patient monitoring equipment boasts a variety of features that provide accurate remote patient care, including:

  • Wireless networking capabilities
  • One-touch information recall
  • Multi-parameter display
  • Compact design for easy mobility and transfer
  • 72-hour data trending
  • Backup batteries
  • Patient data storage
  • Much more

Remote patient monitoring allows you to keep an eye on stable patients while caring for others with more urgent needs, and the technology available from Infinium Medical makes it all possible at a price affordable for nearly any budget.  When you use our equipment you can rest assured that your patients are being monitored by technology you can count on. Each of our machines meets or exceeds our quality assurance standards and has passed rigorous field tests to ensure its reliability.

The peace of mind you receive from knowing that your facility is equipped with reliable, durable, and user-friendly medical monitoring equipment allows you to concentrate on providing care for  multiple patients with varying needs without worrying about the functionality of your equipment.

For more information about how our products can assist your facility in remote patient monitoring, contact Infinium Medical today.