Find the Right Respiration Monitor for Your Needs from Infinium Medical Respiration Monitor

Infinium Medical provides several different respiration monitor options to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities around the world. We have been developing and manufacturing advanced, leading-edge medical equipment since 2001, and as such, we have gained extensive knowledge that allows us to provide our customers with superior products.

At Infinium Medical, we proudly offer many different respiration monitor options, each of which provides numerous benefits for physicians and patients alike. Some of the respiration monitors currently available include the:

  • Omni™ – Features a 10.5 inch high resolution touch screen
  • Omni II™ – Features a 12.1 inch high resolution touch screen
  • Omni III™ – Features a 15 inch high resolution touch screen
  • Omni (K)™ – Features a 10.5 inch high resolution touch screen
  • Omni Express™ – Features a 7 inch high resolution touch screen

No matter which respiration monitor in the Omni Series you choose, you and your patients will benefit from the other vital sign measurements that our equipment provides, which includes non-invasive blood pressure, ECG, SpO2, and temperature readings. Our monitors can also be modified to perform more advanced methods of patient monitoring, including capnography, invasive blood pressure, cardiac output, and anesthetic agent measurement. Every Infinium Medical respiration monitor is also connective, making it easier than ever to access patient data on an electronic medical records platform or an HL7 based hospital information system.  Finally, we pride ourselves in our equipment’s user-friendly interface, which will allow your team of healthcare professionals to focus less on operating complicated medical equipment and more on providing your patients with high standards of care.

To speak with a member of our team about which Infinium Medical respiration monitor will best fit the needs of your medical facility, contact us today. We look forward to showing you why we have been a trusted provider of medical equipment across the globe for more than 15 years.