Surgery Tables from Infinium Medical

Surgery tables are essential during medical procedures, no matter how complex or what type of care you are rendering. That’s why at Infinium Medical, we offer only the finest surgical tables available in the medical industry today. Our operating tables are highly maneuverable and allow clinicians and other medical staff to easily move around the table area and have easy access to medical equipment, making it efficient for your staff to perform all types of procedures. To ensure that our surgery tables are the best on the market, we have engineered an advanced electrohydraulic system that allows our surgical tables to bend, fold, and move as necessary to provide your staff the best vantage point for performing procedures.

Our surgery tables are perfect for a wide array of procedures and settings, including:

  • Oral surgeries
  • Dental procedures
  • Remote clinics
  • Eye surgeries
  • Emergency rooms
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Much more

While our surgery tables are state-of-the-art, you won’t need to break your facility’s operating budget to buy them for your healthcare center. That’s because we sell our products directly to you – there are no middlepersons, and therefore no unnecessary markups in the price you pay for your medical equipment. Additionally, our products are CE certified and ISO approved, meaning that they will pass all regulatory audits and are suitable for use virtually anywhere around the world.

For more information about our surgery tables, contact Infinium Medical today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our surgical tables and can tell you more about the other products we offer.