Benefits of the Surgical Table Offered by Infinium Medical

Surgical TableIf you are in need of a surgical table for your operating room, consider investing in the ATS from Infinium Medical. With an impressive 1,000 lb. lift capacity and the ability to rotate 180 degrees, the ATS table is appropriate for a variety of different procedures. For surgeons who prefer to work while sitting – or for those performing lengthy procedures that would otherwise require them to remain standing for hours on end, our table can even be lowered to 24 inches off of the ground.

Additionally, the ATS surgical table can perform a number of other silent, electro-hydraulic movements, including head, chest, back, and leg plate adjustments, as well as horizontal slides. It also comes equipped with several convenient accessories, including a shoulder supporter, arm rests, leg crutches, waist supporters, and an anesthesia frame. Optional wireless remotes are also available, allowing the table to be easily adjusted as needed.

Furthermore, our surgical table also comes standard with several safety features to protect both your patients and your staff. For example, the ATS has a:

  • Backup battery system that allows the table to be adjusted in the event of an unforeseen power outage
  • Floor lock system with anti-static castors to prevent the table from moving when you don’t want it to
  • Hand control with safety locks to protect against accidental movement

To learn more about our surgical table, or any of the other patient monitors and operating equipment we provide for medical facilities across the globe, contact Infinium Medical today.