Investing in a Surgical Table that Will Meet Your Needs

Surgical TableAt Infinium Medical, we have developed a surgical table that comes with several built-in features that help ensure the table is comfortable, stable, and easy to adjust. Known as the ATS, this surgical table has a 1,000 pound lift capacity and is equipped to rotate 180 degrees to maximize patient imaging access. If you are looking to upgrade the surgical tables in the operating rooms of your hospital, this intuitive option may be the investment you’ve wanted.

The surgical table that we offer at Infinium Medical is highly convenient and comes with a variety of features that will benefit both the patient and medical staff. For instance, this table can be lowered to just 24 inches off the ground, allowing the surgeon to operate while sitting down if needed. Additionally, the surgical table offers a variety of other silent electro-hydraulic movements, including 180 degree rotation, horizontal slides, and plate adjustments for the chest, back, head, and legs. The ATS also comes standard with a number of accessories, including an anesthesia frame, shoulder supporter, arm rests, leg crutches, waist supporters, and more

It’s also important to note that this surgical table was designed with safety in mind. The ATS features:

  • A floor lock system that braces the table in place
  • A battery backup system to ensure that the table can be adjusted for many hours even if the power goes out
  • A hand control that has safety locks to prevent accidental table movement

If you are interested in learning more about this highly advanced surgical table, contact Infinium Medical today. We’ll gladly explain its operation, walk you through its various features, and help you determine if this product is right for your operating room.

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