Learn About the Benefits of the Video Laryngoscope from Infinium Medical

Healthcare providers who are looking for a video laryngoscope to add to the medical equipment at their facility should consider investing in the Infinium ClearVue® from Infinium Medical. The Infinium ClearVue® is a compact, user-friendly video laryngoscope that can simplify the intubation process for your staff and your patients by providing a direct view of the vocal folds and glottis every single time.  Just like our other pieces of advanced medical equipment, the Infinium ClearVue® is available to healthcare professionals worldwide.

The Infinium ClearVue® video laryngoscope was designed to have a number of impressive features. Our laryngoscope leads the industry in terms of its functionality because it:

  • Has a 3.5-inch display
  • Has a 2.0-megapixel camera that features anti-fog technology, so it will provide a clear image every time
  • Allows for the easy installation and removal of blades
  • Features anti-shatter protection for its screen, protecting it from damage that could occur in potential mishaps
  • Has a quick-shot camera button that makes it easy to operate

At Infinium Medical, we have been providing a wide range of advanced medical equipment for many different kinds of healthcare providers since 2001. To this day, primary care physicians, emergency room physicians, surgeons, dentists, emergency responders, and many other professionals continue to benefit from using our equipment. Our technologies provide an intuitive approach to patient care, and help to streamline the patient care process to give a positive experience to both your staff and your patients.

Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more about our video laryngoscope, or about any of the other pieces of medical equipment we offer.

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