What You Need Out of Vital Sign Equipment

Vital Sign EquipmentAt Infinium Medical, we design our vital sign equipment to be easy to use, highly accurate, and extremely portable. This helps ensure that we can accommodate the needs of nearly any medical professional who turns to us. We know that investing in medical technology is a significant commitment for any healthcare facility, and we go to great lengths to ensure that every piece of equipment that we manufacture meets our incredibly high standards. Whether you need a new patient monitor for your family practice or are interested in investing in networked technology for your large scale operation, we can meet your needs.

When we design vital sign equipment, we work hard to make sure that our technology is:

  • Accurate – Nothing is more important than accuracy when talking about patient monitors. Even the smallest variance in data can have a profound impact on patient care so we make sure that the information that our vital sign equipment provides is as exact as possible. We also extensively field test our technology in some of the busiest healthcare facilities on the planet before we make them available for sale.
  • User friendly – Our vital sign equipment is extremely easy to interpret and customize, making it simple to adjust the display on the fly depending on the needs of the patient. If you need to monitor an individual’s heart rate, for instance, you can quickly adjust the touch screen menu to ensure that the vital signs are displayed prominently. You can even adjust alert warnings to indicate if the readings reach critical levels.
  • Portable – Our monitors are lightweight by design, powered by a lithium ion battery, and designed to go where you go, making them particularly beneficial for rolling spot checks throughout a healthcare facility or traveling alongside a patient as he or she is moved from the operating room to recovery.

Of course, the best way to learn about the many benefits to our vital sign equipment is to contact Infinium Medical and speak with one of our representatives today. We’ll be glad to walk you through your many options.