Vital Sign Monitoring Machines for Healthcare Facilities World Wide

Vital Sign MonitoringAccurate vital sign monitoring is an essential part of providing proper care for patients, regardless of whether you run a dental office, walk-in clinic, hospital, or other medical facility. To provide healthcare professionals around the world with the reliable patient monitoring products they need, Infinium Medical has developed the Cleo vital sign monitor.

At Infinium, we’re dedicated to developing affordable medical monitors that provide highly accurate results. Our team also tests these products in several real world scenarios before they’re released to ensure that our patient monitors will function properly by a patient’s bedside, in the operating room, or any remote location. And our vital sign monitors are certainly no exception.

We’ve equipped the Cleo with a variety of features that make it intuitive and adaptable. For example, this monitor comes with a 5-inch color touchscreen and user-friendly interface, so an attending nurse or physician can easily read the information and make adjustments directly on the screen, without the confusion that often comes from complicated interfaces and programming processes.

The Cleo patient monitor can also provide four different vital sign readings, including:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Oxygen saturation
  • End tidal CO2
  • Temperature

This vital sign monitoring machine is also lightweight and portable, allowing it to be easily transported from room to room within your facility. To learn more about the Cleo vital sign monitor, or any of our other patient monitors, contact Infinium Medical today. We proudly serve healthcare facilities throughout the United States and across the globe.