Vital Sign Monitoring Devices from Infinium Medical

Vital Sign Monitoring DevicesAt Infinium Medical, the vital sign monitoring devices that we have designed and manufactured have been used in hospitals, emergency rooms, and private practice examination rooms around the world for many years. We specialize in designing medical monitors that are highly portable, easy to use, and, above all else, reliable, and our latest monitor – the Cleo – includes a number of intuitive features that will surely meet the needs of you, your team, and your patients.

One of the most important things for vital sign monitoring devices is portability, and the first thing you’ll probably notice about the Cleo is its compact design. In fact, this advanced system only weighs less than three pounds and features a built-in lithium-ion battery for extended use away from a power source. The advantage to this is that the Cleo can be transported alongside the patient from operating room to recovery room without interruption. Alternatively, the Cleo is an excellent option for a clinic with many exam rooms because it can be easily moved from patient to patient in order to monitor vital signs.

In addition to its small dimensions, the Cleo has many other unique advantages over other vital sign monitoring devices. For instance, this monitor:

  • Features a five-inch touch-screen display that can be rapidly configured based on the needs of the specific patient
  • Can take rapid body temperature readings with a plug-in thermometer
  • Can perform non-invasive blood pressure reading
  • Is able to measure end-tidal CO2 with the Infinium CO2 capnography system
  • Can be installed in an adjustable rolling stand or wall mount with quick release functionality

To learn all about the Cleo and the benefits to these vital sign monitoring devices, contact Infinium Medical today.