State-of-the-art Vital Signs Monitors Developed by Infinium Medical

Vital Signs MonitorVital signs monitors are absolutely indispensable in the healthcare industry. This ubiquitous technology is relied upon by medical professionals to closely monitor the health and wellness of patients in medical facilities everywhere, from a neighborhood urgent care center to the emergency room. At Infinium Medical, we understand how important it is for our clients to have vital signs monitors that are easy to use, portable, and adaptable, which is why we developed the Cleo.

Weighing in at under three pounds, the first thing that most people notice about the Cleo is its small size. Designed to be highly portable thanks in part to a built-in lithium ion battery, the Cleo can easily be transported from room to room, allowing healthcare providers to bring the vital signs monitor to the patient for spot check use. Additionally, the Cleo:

  • Features a -inch touch screen, which is easy to read and intuitive to use
  • Is highly adaptable and can be configured to monitor EtCO2, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, and body temperature
  • Has been exhaustively tested in real world applications to ensure its reliability and accuracy
  • Can be attached to a rolling stand or wall mounts to meet the needs of your staff and patients

Additionally, at Infinium Medical, we offer a number of other vital signs monitors to consider for your facility. Our Omni touch screen patient monitors, for example, can be tracked from a central location over a WiFi network, allowing for real time monitoring of multiple patients at once.

To learn how one of the vital signs monitors that we’ve developed at Infinium Medical can benefit your healthcare facility, contact us today.