How Infinium Medical Can Help with Vital Signs Analysis

Vital Signs AnalysisIn order to be confident in vital signs analysis, it is imperative that you can rely on the accuracy of the data, and this starts with the patient monitor. At Infinium Medical, we take the reliability of our medical equipment extremely seriously, and we extensively field test our technology at some of the busiest, most high-profile medical centers around the globe before they’re made available to the public. The stakes are too high for vital sign data to be incorrect, and we are singularly committed to the veracity of our data.

Additionally, many of the products we offer can themselves contribute to vital signs analysis. Take our EKG monitor, the QRS-12, for example. This state-of-the-art cardiograph machine comes standard with interpretation software that can compare the results of the patient’s EKG with American Heart Association and Common Standard Electrocardiograph databases, helping to detect even the slightest arrhythmia.

At Infinium Medical, we can also assist with vital signs analysis by helping you better catalog patient data. The Omni II, one of our most advanced patient monitors, has the ability to network into an organization’s on-site WiFi system in order to automatically transfer patient data to the hospital’s electronic medical records platform. Plus, the system itself allows for the review of up to 72 hours of vital signs data, helping make vital signs analysis easier on the healthcare professional.

Of course, these are just a handful of examples of the ways in which our technology can make vital signs analysis more intuitive. We offer a variety of different patient monitors and other healthcare technology and our highly knowledgeable team will be glad to work with you to help you choose the right system for your unique healthcare facility. Contact us today for more information.