More Dentists Use Vital Signs Monitor Systems in First-Line Defense Against Non-Dental Medical Maladies

vital signs monitorIn recent years, vital signs monitor systems have found a new customer base – dentists. Oral health professionals are increasingly utilizing medical monitoring technology to help screen their patients for conditions that may indicate poor overall health. Many studies suggest that deteriorating oral health may be a sign of other internal health maladies, and many issues, such as heart disease and other coronary matters, may be linked to teeth and gum problems. Cardiologists and periodontists have been debating for years about the connections between heart and gum health, and while there is no clear answer yet as to whether there is a definitive link between gum disease and heart disease, dentists aren’t taking any chances.

When people go to the dentist these days, there’s a good chance they may be asked to roll up their sleeves for a blood pressure reading before they lie on dental chairs and open their mouths for cleanings. The benefits of dentists who check vital signs with medical monitor systems are many. A dentist who takes vitals during office visits may be able to spot adverse conditions before they get worse. What’s more, dentists who observe abnormal vital readings can advise their patients to see a specialist for a second opinion.

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