Vital Signs Monitor Equipment from Infinium Medical

vital signs monitorInfinium Medical is proud to offer vital signs monitor systems for medical professionals who want accurate, affordable patient monitoring equipment. Since our founding in 2001, our name has become a mainstay in the medical industry, and we are the trusted choice for accurate, versatile medical monitors that offer crucial, real-time patient data when seconds count. Whether you are performing a routine, elective procedure such as a colonoscopy or are undertaking a complex emergency surgery, you can rest assured that our vital signs monitors will provide the precise results you and your medical team need.

Our vital signs monitor equipment is state of the art and offers the following features:

  • A weight of under 6 pounds
  • A 7” color touchscreen interface
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation
  • An array of vital signs data the includes
    • Pulse oximetry (SpO2) readouts
    • Non-invasive blood pressure readings
    • End-tidal carbon dioxide sensor (optional)
    • 2 waveforms
    • 72 hour trending

Additionally, our medical monitors have a long-life lithium battery, which means they will provide many hours of reliable, streaming medical data even when they are far from AC electrical outlets. So, you will be able to use our vital signs monitors in the back of an ambulance, on a medevac helicopter, a remote field triage, or virtually anywhere else a medical need should arise.

For more information about our vital signs monitor equipment, contact Infinium Medical today. We will happily speak with you about our products, advise you on the types of monitors we offer, and provide you with a free quote.