Vital Signs Monitoring Devices

Vital Signs Monitoring DevicesThe team at Infinium Medical takes our vital signs monitoring devices very seriously. We know how important it is for healthcare professionals to be able to rely on the accuracy of their medical monitors, which is why we have extensively tested our various monitoring devices in the field throughout the globe. When you turn to us for one of our products, you can have confidence that the monitor you choose will operate reliably and accurately for the years to come.

Consider the benefits to the Cleo, for example. This state-of-the-art tool is designed to be highly adaptable to the needs of the provider. Featuring an intuitive five-inch touchscreen, this system can be rapidly configured to display the vital sign readings that are most important from patient to patient. What’s more, the Cleo weighs less than five pounds and has a long-life lithium battery, making it an excellent choice for mobile spot check use in a busy clinic or for transport alongside a patient from the OR to recovery.

Specifically, the Cleo can be used as a pulse oximeter or configured to monitor:

  • NIBP/SpO2/Temperature
  • Capnography/Sp02/NIBP
  • End tidal CO2
  • And more

When it comes to vital signs monitoring devices, portability, reliability, and ease of use are all extremely important, which is exactly what you’ll find with the Cleo. To learn more about the many advantages to this unique vital signs measurement tool, contact Infinium Medical today. This state-of-the-art system will greatly benefit your staff and patients, making it an excellent long-term investment into a healthcare facility of nearly any size and scope. Additionally, we also offer the Omni II, another state-of-the-art patient monitoring tool that can automatically transfer patient data to the hospital database and allow for the rapid review of as much as 72 hours of information from a single platform.