Infinium Medical’s Vitals Monitor Boasts Many Impressive Features

Vitals MonitorA vitals monitor is a very important investment for a wide range of healthcare professionals. When in the market for one of these machines, it is important to take the time to research the many options available to you in order to find a vitals monitor that can consistently provide accurate readings. For all this and more, medical professionals around the world choose the Cleo vital signs monitor from Infinium Medical.

The Cleo is a vital signs monitor that has helped countless medical professionals care for their patients. It can provide accurate readings of patients’ rapid body temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, and it can even display their end-tidal CO2 output when used with our capnography monitor, the Infinium CO2.

Additionally, the Cleo is designed to be an easy-to-use piece of medical equipment. Using complicated or confusing equipment may sometimes lead to errors in reading and interpreting data, which could potentially put the well-being of your patients at risk. For this reason, we have equipped the Cleo with a number of impressive features that make it easy to use, including:

  • A 5-inch touch screen display
  • Easy-to-navigate software

Perhaps best of all, our vitals monitor is incredibly portable. The Cleo features a compact design, and the entire unit weighs just under three pounds, so it can be easily transported alongside patients. And, because it has a long-lasting lithium ion battery, it can be used in situations where a power source is not readily available.

Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more about our Cleo vitals monitor. Our knowledgeable product specialists are standing by and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.