Advanced Vital Sign Monitor Systems from Infinium Medical Provide Doctors with Accurate Results

Vital Sign MonitorIt goes without saying that a doctor needs a vital signs monitor to gain better insight on the health conditions of his or her patients. Of course, the results you get from any patient monitor are only as good as the medical monitor itself. High-quality patient monitors will provide more reliable results and offer a more comprehensive range of information than inadequate patient monitoring equipment that may not have all the features you need or, worse, could possibly fail during a patient procedure.

As a medical professional, you want what’s best for your patients. At Infinium Medical, we understand that health care professionals and their patients expect dependable medical monitoring equipment, and that’s why we offer the most reliable vital signs monitors in the patient monitoring industry. Our products are tested and retested to ensure that they will provide accurate results in a wide range of real-world settings, and they are also equipped with long-life batteries for steadfast performance, even when AC power outlets are unavailable. The accuracy and versatility of our medical monitors mean that you can use them virtually anywhere a medical need could arise, whether it be in the back of an ambulance, on a medevac aircraft, or in a remote field triage setting.

Our vital signs monitoring equipment features a 15” color touchscreen user interface and the display of multiple, comprehensive waveforms. Additionally, our medical monitors offer non-invasive blood pressure readings and pulse oximetry (SpO2) data, as well as optional rapid temperature consoles and end-tidal carbon dioxide readings.

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